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Forgot Password - Special instructions for accounts where the student and parent emails are the same.

The key to changing your password is to know the email address that was used when the account was created. This is the only way we have to contact you and provide a reset link. If you don't know the email address used for your Indiana Online account, please create a ticket using the link at the top of this page with your name, school and birthday. We will send you a temporary password.

If you do know the email account used, you can receive a password reset link by going to the Forgot Password page.

Special Instructions

When the student and parent have used the same contact email, we can only send a reset link for the student account. If you're a parent/mentor with the same email as the student, you'll need to create a support ticket. Please include your student's name, school and birthday. We can then provide you a temporary password.

Enrollment cannot be completed from the Parent account.

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